Ministry in Motion

  • A Ministry, a Calling Focused on Housing?

    What is a ministry focused on housing? What can one person do? These are questions that came to me as it became clearer that my ministry is to be focused on housing for those unhoused and affordable and workforce housing for those struggling to continue living in New Paltz and Ulster County.

    I believe that housing security is not only a basic human right, but is foundational for a stable and healthy society.

    But what does God say about housing?

  • A New Sign?

    A New Sign? More partners utilizing God's House at Redeemer (aka the building)? A Renewed Sense of Purpose and Mission?

    One of the things to which I'm giving a lot of my pastoral time and energy these days is the joyful task of working alongside Rich Carroll, Gwen Feldt, Erich Markert, and Julie Andrew as part of the Sustainable Solutions for Sacred Sites Team ("S4" for short). Together with a coach named Pastor Laurie, we are developing a plan for utilizing God's House at Redeemer (aka the building) to support good people doing great things in New Paltz and the Hudson Valley.

  • Ambassadors for Christ

    Our Fall Pledge Drive is underway! And your pledge of financial support to Christ’s mission through Redeemer, New Paltz matters so much - we make this happen together. Please, before or by Sunday, November 20th, give prayerful thought to how God is stirring your household to support Christ’s work through Redeemer, and fill out and send your card by mail or drop it in the offering plate at worship - or click "Pledge Now!" to submit electronically.

  • Christ's Ministry Among Us

    Ministry - Christ’s ministry among us - is always ministry in progress, “ministry in motion.” My work as a pastor, my calling is to nurture this in-progress work in our congregational community, as well as in the New Paltz, Hudson Valley, and world communities. This month I’ll reflect on nurturing the ministry in motion of Faith Formation (education in a faith context).

  • MLK, Black History Month, Adequate Housing for All

    Martin Luther King’s birthday - do you know the actual date? Or do you only know that you get a day off? I remember the date for it’s near my birthday. But I also remember the date because of who he was and what he stood for. And I remember the day he was assassinated for the same reasons.

    In my Synodical Deacon Annual Report, I spoke of my Call to housing for the unhoused and for affordable and workforce housing. And I said that my Call fits with, and expands on, the Redeemer Lutheran Church, New Paltz Focus Areas of Equality and Justice, and Homelessness.

    What has my report to do with MLK’s birthday?

  • Power of Music

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of music lately and about the awesomeness of God.

    A couple of weeks ago our accompanist and choir director, Zhanna, and I were meeting to work on hymn selections, but also on plans for special music, such as (hopefully) a trombone added to the Gathering Hymn on Palm/Passion Sunday, and the trumpet player who will (hopefully) be playing with us on Easter Sunday, and the choir anthem that will be sung on that first glorious Sunday of Easter when we are drawn forth with organ and trumpet from our Lenten time of fasting and preparation and into the glorious Easter season, a time for praising and glorifying the risen Christ who draws us into new and risen life.

  • Science Says Celebrating Holidays Could Make You Happier

    The article entitled, Science Says Celebrating Holidays Could Make You Happier, is from “Blue Zones”, a group I subscribe to.

    The article said in part,

    “Holidays are a time to celebrate. While it may be stressful to bake that extra batch of cookies for the bake sale, cart the family around to the neighbors’ holiday parties, and find the perfect gift for the person on your list who has everything, those who celebrate something are generally happier than those who don’t celebrate anything.”

  • The Power of Prayer

    As I started writing this month’s Ministry in Motion note, I found my thoughts scattered. So I turned to God, through prayer, to give me guidance. This is what came to me.

    I returned to God and church in January, 2017. Since then I have learned how powerful prayer is.

    Then, guided by Pastor Tobias, I really started to feel it. No, there were no loud claps of thunder, rather there was a gentle nudge to listen to the gentle breezes and whispers through which God speaks to us.

    I was blessed to be nudged to attend Diakonia classes where I stumbled across the following quote from Martin Luther that I’ve found not only helpful, but impactful: 

  • What is a Synodical Deacon?

    Have you ever wondered what a Synodical Deacon is? Or what a Synodical Deacon Does?

    At the urging of Pastor Tobias, I will be sharing with you, on a monthly basis, what my ministry as a Synodical Deacon, called by you, the Redeemer Lutheran, New Paltz congregation, is about.

    The first deacon was Stephen. He is identified in Acts 6:5 as are the other 6 of the first 7 deacons. Deacons were originally called to serve and assist widows and the poor. This allowed the disciples to focus on their mission of spreading the word of God to the world.