Immersed in God's Grace

Join us for Sunday Worship, 9:30 am

Immersed in God's Grace

Join us for Sunday Worship, 9:30 am


We're passionate about our mission:


We celebrate the rich diversity of God's creation and embrace all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, ability levels, faith journeys, and from all walks of life.

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Christmas at Redeemer
Unto Us A Child Is Born
Christmas at Redeemer
Unto Us A Child Is Born
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Ministry in Motion

  • Christ's Ministry Among Us

    Ministry - Christ’s ministry among us - is always ministry in progress, “ministry in motion.” My work as a pastor, my calling is to nurture this in-progress work in our congregational community,

  • What is a Synodical Deacon?

    Have you ever wondered what a Synodical Deacon is? Or what a Synodical Deacon Does?

    At the urging of Pastor Tobias, I will be sharing with you, on a monthly basis, what my ministry as a

  • Ambassadors for Christ

    Our Fall Pledge Drive is underway! And your pledge of financial support to Christ’s mission through Redeemer, New Paltz matters so much - we make this happen together. Please, before or by

  • A Ministry, a Calling Focused on Housing?

    What is a ministry focused on housing? What can one person do? These are questions that came to me as it became clearer that my ministry is to be focused on housing for those unhoused and

  • A New Sign?

    A New Sign? More partners utilizing God's House at Redeemer (aka the building)? A Renewed Sense of Purpose and Mission?

    One of the things to which I'm giving a lot of my pastoral time and

  • Science Says Celebrating Holidays Could Make You Happier

    The article entitled, Science Says Celebrating Holidays Could Make You Happier, is from “Blue Zones”, a group I subscribe to.

    The article said in

  • MLK, Black History Month, Adequate Housing for All

    Martin Luther King’s birthday - do you know the actual date? Or do you only know that you get a day off? I remember the date for it’s near my birthday. But I also remember the date because of who

  • The Power of Prayer

    As I started writing this month’s Ministry in Motion note, I found my thoughts scattered. So I turned to God, through prayer, to give me guidance. This is what came to me.

    I returned to

  • Power of Music

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of music lately and about the awesomeness of God.

    A couple of weeks ago our accompanist and choir director, Zhanna, and I were meeting to work on

  • The Reluctant Volunteer

    A volunteer is a person who gives of their time, efforts, talents to help others.

    Where does the urge to volunteer come from? I am suggesting that this urge is a calling from

  • Give Freely to Those in Need

    We read these words in Deuteronomy.

    There are many in need, in our world, our country, our community.

    In this land of plenty, there are many in need. They are all different ages

  • The Holy Spirit at Work

    “I will not leave you orphaned,” declares Jesus in our gospel lesson today from John. “I will ask,” says Jesus, “and the Father will send you “another Advocate” to be with you forever. This

  • Pride Month

    As we enter Pride Month, it’s all too obvious, at least to me, that there are those who are unaccepting, intolerant of others. There are those who seek to spread untruths about those they

  • The Month of Returns

    August can be considered a month of returns.

    Many return from vacation.

    Many return to work.

    Many return to school.

    Have you considered it can also be a month to

  • Reflections

    After being away for the month of August, it’s good to be back alongside the people of God at Redeemer, New Paltz as we are called together to share Christ’s welcome and love with the world! And

  • Give Thanks and Share Your Blessings

    I hear these words at this time of year.
    They are almost drowned out by Christmas music and ads instructing me what presents I should purchase.
    And there are moments when I find it