Have you ever wondered what a Synodical Deacon is? Or what a Synodical Deacon Does?

At the urging of Pastor Tobias, I will be sharing with you, on a monthly basis, what my ministry as a Synodical Deacon, called by you, the Redeemer Lutheran, New Paltz congregation, is about.

The first deacon was Stephen. He is identified in Acts 6:5 as are the other 6 of the first 7 deacons. Deacons were originally called to serve and assist widows and the poor. This allowed the disciples to focus on their mission of spreading the word of God to the world.

I was Set Apart as a Synodical Deacon in June, 2020. Since that time I have been in a process of discerning the focus of my call. This discernment has included spiritual direction, provided by Pastor Tobias, prayer, and reflection. This process is probably never truly over, but for for this current time I am feeling called to be involved with housing, for those unhoused, and affordable and workforce housing for those struggling to continue living in New Paltz and Ulster County.

Next month I will share more about my ministry.

For now I will conclude by asking you to join with me in prayer:

Dear God -
You sent Jesus to save us and to be an example of serving others.
I ask that you help me to be open to and understanding of the needs of others.
I ask that you bless me with the ability to discern how I may best serve you and those in need.
I ask that you bless me with a generous spirit toward my siblings, especially when I may not be feeling generous.
I ask that you bless me with a humble heart filled with gratitude for the blessings in my life especially when a sense of arrogance creeps into my mind.
I ask that you bless me with a healthy body and mind that I might best serve you and ALL others, including those with whom I disagree.
All this I pray in Jesus’ name.

Peace be with you,
Deacon Bill
Love Conquers Hate