The article entitled, Science Says Celebrating Holidays Could Make You Happier, is from “Blue Zones”, a group I subscribe to.

The article said in part,

“Holidays are a time to celebrate. While it may be stressful to bake that extra batch of cookies for the bake sale, cart the family around to the neighbors’ holiday parties, and find the perfect gift for the person on your list who has everything, those who celebrate something are generally happier than those who don’t celebrate anything.”

It also said,

“ Matthew Killingsworth, a Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholar and happiness researcher, has collected data from over 20,000 people who report how happy they feel at randomly selected moments during daily life. He noted that the data reveals people are actually happier than usual on holidays. Killingsworth says, ‘Spending time with our friends and family turns out to be a robustly positive predictor of our happiness.’”

So I think I can surmise that people who feel they are part of a “caring community” are happier, perhaps healthier.

I have found Redeemer Lutheran, New Paltz to be a friendly, welcoming community. What’s a better way to celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus, than to participate in our Advent Celebrations?

And I urge you to invite others.

Peace be with you,
Deacon Bill
Love Conquers Hate