• Changed

    When and how does the light of Christ transfigure the ordinary, revealing the extraordinary loving work of God?

    Perhaps it’s when a friend listens and cares.

    Perhaps it’s when a church like Redeemer makes room in God’s building for survivor support groups and AA groups and more.

  • True Transformation

    Good morning everyone.

    You know, we worship a Gods who illuminates the everyday so that we might see how Christ is calling us to live in a new way. To live a new way, not just for ourselves, but so that others might be carried along in the goodness being worked in our lives by a greater hand.

    After all, though we may be able to do great things by exerting great effort, by pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps as the saying goes; true transformation work, as Christians understand it, and the illuminating transfiguration work that precedes it, that comes by the hand of Jesus. And it seeks to change not only our understanding of ourselves, but of God’s calling for us to serve the world around us.