• A Ministry, a Calling Focused on Housing?

    What is a ministry focused on housing? What can one person do? These are questions that came to me as it became clearer that my ministry is to be focused on housing for those unhoused and affordable and workforce housing for those struggling to continue living in New Paltz and Ulster County.

    I believe that housing security is not only a basic human right, but is foundational for a stable and healthy society.

    But what does God say about housing?

  • Student Christian Center House Update

    The hard work at the SCC House continues, as we prepare it to receive its first housing justice occupants. Spearheaded by Pastor Tobias and the SCC Board, a variety of necessary updates have been accomplished, including getting unexpectedly rotted walls fixed and re-sided, heating and cooling updated, and much more. We are especially grateful to RYCOR, who donated $4,000 in support of this work, as well as Matt Di Francesco of Ardor Construction who donated $6,000 of insulating work so that the full house envelope could be completed, and Ben Simpson, who has donated generously with both time and expert advice.

    To God be all the glory as we move forward in support of building housing justice, with grateful hearts to our generous partners helping to make it happen!