A teenage girl named Mary, learning she is pregnant with God’s son; Jesus who is the Messiah, born in a lowly stable in a land under oppressive Roman occupation; Shepherds, low in social stature and Angels singing on high – all of these characters and more are part of the rich layers of a story intended to capture our imaginations, hearts, and lives with its gritty reality and hope-filled narrative each and every time it is told.

This is the story of God choosing in love to come and capture us amidst our human problems; God choosing heavenly messengers and earthly messengers regardless of their social stature. This is the story of God who so loves us - you and I and this whole world - that God reaches down in the single greatest act of love to send Christ the Savior.

This act of love that begins in a stable and ends on the cross is what fuels our mission at Redeemer, New Paltz to “Share Christ’s Welcome” with the world. To build a community where questions are welcome, and worship, service, and learning are at the core of how we grow together, stepping up and stepping out to share this extraordinary good news with others.

On behalf of Redeemer, New Paltz I wish you and all those you love abundant blessings as we gather again to celebrate Christ’s holy and precious birth. And I pray that God in Christ may bless us to become an outpouring of love and promise and hope for others, rooted in this greatest story of God’s eternal love, born for the world.

There are some stories that just get better every time they are told.

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Tobias Anderson