In 2018, our facilities incurred water damage from ice damming. This latest incident is just one of many leaks that the middle portion of God’s House at Redeemer has experienced over the years, and despite numerous attempts to repair the roof, the leaks continue. As of this year the shingles on the impacted section of the roof have essentially reached the end of their useful life. Since the shingles need to be replaced and we continue to experience periodic leaks on this part of the roof, it was decided that, along with the shingle replacement, we needed to address the underlying issues that contribute to the water leaks and find a permanent solution.

Thus, beginning in 2018 the process began to develop a plan to end this cycle. An architect was hired to evaluate the existing conditions and to develop a plan of action. Utilizing this plan, Redeemer submitted and received a $30,000 matching grant from our Synod, and at the start of 2019, we began the first phase of a multi-year Capital Campaign.

When we talk about our Capital Campaign, we are not talking about a building, but about how God is multiplying the Loaves and Fishes through Redeemer to feed and nourish a hungry world. Our Capital Campaign is mission focused on how we can continue to house increasing numbers of community partners and activities. God’s house at Redeemer makes this possible. When we share our space, we are Sharing Christ’s Welcome with the world.

  • God’s house at Redeemer makes it possible to teach our children and ourselves about God and helping neighbor through Sunday Morning Youth Ministry, Confirmation, and multigenerational events such as our Lenten series on engaging in difficult conversations and the Introduction to Journaling as a Spiritual Practice.
  • God’s House at Redeemer makes it possible for groups such as the Piano Guild and Huguenot Strength and Conditioning Gym to nourish their participants lives with Art and Exercise, as well as groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Trauma-Informed Yoga to have safe spaces to support their very different, but equally important healing journeys.

This is God through Christ multiplying the Loaves and Fishes! And our Capital Fund Campaign will ensure that God’s House can continue to serve God’s purposes through Redeemer for years to come.
Thank you to all who have pledged and begun giving to the Capital Campaign. Our goal is 100% participation, with no gift too small ($5) or too large ($500, $5,000, or more). Thanks to the Metropolitan New York Synod, if we raise $30,000 by August 1st every dollar will be matched one for one! And every additional dollar given over and above pledged amounts, will be matched one for one up $5,000 by an anonymous benefactor.

Additionally, achieving this August 1st goal will allow Redeemer to submit another grant request for an additional $30,000 matching grant for the next phase of this project.

There are many ways to give. Whether you wish to use our existing electronic giving platform, your paper envelopes, or if wish there are Love Offering envelopes available and a receptacle in the lobby where you can place donation.

For more info, please see Jon Simonson or Bill Mennenga to learn more about how you can participate in multiplication of God’s Loaves and Fishes.