By now, all of us have been hearing (perhaps in super-saturated fashion) about Covid-19 and the accompanying concerns and problems this crisis is presenting for our communities and world. There is no doubt that we are living amidst a truly challenging time! And in the midst of such challenging times, we as Christians and the community of Redeemer will want to challenge ourselves to plan proactively and wisely, even as with Christ’s help and the support of each other we deepen our practices of courage and lives of faith-in-action as disciples together.

Zoom Worship this Sunday and other Short-Term Measures
We’re taking some short-term steps to do our part in ensuring public safety and to give ourselves some more time to plan for next steps:

  • Zoom Worship this Sunday, March 15th, 9am: Instead of meeting in person this Sunday, March 15th, we will embark on a grand experiment, utilizing Zoom to share in a ½ worship service with scripture, sermon, songs, and prayer. Once we do a trial run of this technology tomorrow, Saturday, we will send out another e-mail with the link to follow for worship this Sunday. We will NOT be meeting in person this Sunday.
  • Zoom Community Meeting this Sunday, March 15th, 10am: For those who are able, we will be reconvening (following worship and a break) to creatively brainstorm the following
    1. How to Share the Gospel by staying Connected through the Redeemer community during this turbulent time.
    2. Potential Care for At Risk Folks who might need support during this time
    3. Creative Approaches to Worship and Meetings
    4. Communication Plan
  • Temporary Halt to Community Partner Use of Building: Given the recommendations coming from state and local officials, we are suspending the use of Redeemer’s facilities by Community Partners at least until April 1st.
  • Cleaning Procedures: We have set up a cleansing station in the kitchen with rubbing alcohol, gloves, and paper towels so that those of us still using the building can wipe down handles before and after use to further support the health and hygiene of all.
  • Praying: Please join me in redoubling your prayers not only for Redeemer, but for all of this world. God works in very special ways through prayer (even if we may not always see them). Let’s send our prayers rolling out in waves of light and blessing for all!

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 My sisters and brothers, I want to leave you with these words of hope: When Jesus was commissioning the disciples he reminded them (and reminds us), “Remember, I am with you always.” Not sometimes, not only on Tuesday or during some crisis and not others. Always.

These are trying times. Yet let us remember that if we are in the midst of trials, then God in Christ is present, experiencing those trials alongside us, and commissioning us to share the Light of the Gospel for all who are in need, especially now. I truly believe that with God’s help and working courageously and creatively together, we will come out stronger as a Redeemer community and stronger for the sake of the world to which we are called and commissioned as disciples.

Yours in Christ’s Courage,

Pastor Tobias
Cell: 845.594.8010