What is this?

The Redeemer Investment Future Fund (RIFF) is an investment fund intended to support long-term ministry through Redeemer, New Paltz. RIFF was established through an initial gift of stock from one household and also a legacy donation from the Eleanore Weber estate. Additional donations can be made by anyone at anytime in support of God’s work through RIFF.

How does it work?

The income from RIFF funds, after they have been tithed upon, can be used to support new ministry such as anti-racism initiatives, addressing food insecurity, or improvements to God’s House at Redeemer in support of building Community partnerships.

What is RIFF not?

RIFF is not support for our regular Spending Plan. While it might be tempting when larger donations are made to a church to think, “the church doesn’t need my money,” it is super important than we remain strong in our financial support of Christ’s mission through Redeemer, and think of the Redeemer Investment Future Fund as being just that, for the future.

For questions, suggestions, or to learn more about how you might make a donation to the Redeemer Investment Future Fund, please contact our RIFF team members, Herb Simmerly and Bill Mennenga at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..