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Trauma-informed Yoga: Healing Practice for the Mind & Body
Friday, October 19, 2018, 05:30pm - 07:00pm
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Trauma Informed Yoga NP SUNY 1

Trauma-informed yoga is based on a particular understanding of trauma, one that emphasizes its impact on the entire mind-body system. Trauma is not just an event that took place sometime in the past; it is also the imprint left by that experience on mind, brain, and body.

Using invitational language & no hands on assists, the 90 minute class is open to the public and all levels, including those needing to modify and/or practice in a chair. A well rounded mix of physical movement, breathing & mindfulness practices, each class concludes with Yoga Nidra, which is a deeply nourishing, healing, and relaxing guided meditation, in which you're guided out of the fight or flight nervous system and into the relaxation response, where healing and regeneration naturally occur.
Open to beginners and those who have not studied yoga before.

Location Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, 90 Route 32 S, New Paltz, NY 12561